The Modern Business Way of Web Data Mining.
We are a group of active researchers in data/web mining and web crawling subjects.
We support automated search on websites, hundreds of times faster than manual web searches.
We use a dedicated price detector and SEO ranking algorithm for data analysis  to monitor target markets.

Our Process: 

Understand your needs 

Develop a prototype for you

Provide you sample results 

Improve results with your feedback

Deliver final solution



Collect Web Data

3Ziele web scraper collects data from the web by using our own developed enterprise crawler cluster. The cluster capacity can visit web sites between 1 million until 100 million per day and extract links from quarter billion until unlimited. Read more..

Analyse Big Data

We analyse customer data in a way to create actionable insights that can support directly to the organisation’s marketing strategy and decision making. 3Ziele provide you information what your competitors are doing or how your users handle your data. Read more..

Present Data

3Ziele can provide data via REST API or SQL Interface. We also able to forward real time crawling web data to our customer . Read more..